Avegear systems inc. 2022 ®

We are a young and determined brand who are exploring the possibilities in military and combat inspired streetwear. After a long period of dreaming about designs and creating our own apparel we started getting serious in early 2020.

Our journey began in 2018 by making various designs based on military and violent themes. In these designs we had a very specific new aesthetic in mind. By combining the perfection in design and the brutality of combat we stumbled upon things like beautifully designed weaponry and tactical gear. We started getting a feeling for this perfect tactical mercenary theme. During our journey we felt the need of nostalgia in our designs. There are certain video games we used to play as kids that oddly matched our aesthetic. There are numerous events in history with the same vibe as well.

Now that we finally finished the designs in early 2021, the next step was producing, promoting and getting a website. We keep it small, starting in a little studio with one printer and a heat press, we print all our designs by hand and be as independent as possible. We got really durable machines from the top of the shelf and imported them from the United States. We are really serious and critical about the quality of our products. We ensure the material we print on is organic and recycled. In addition, our prints are created with the best ink available to us. The quality of our products is as important to us as the quality of equipment is to a soldier. You want to rely on what you’re wearing. It has to be worth your investment. Besides the quality we also want to deliver a product with extra attention by adding stickers, postcards, custom washing instructions and supplying sweatshirts in bags.